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BIC is today the leading brand of single use razors and their products can be found accross the world. BIC introduced the single use razors in Europe in 1975 and in the USA in 1976. In 1979 they had 50% of the market.
BIC was founded by Marcel Bich, who quit his job in 1945 to start his own company manufacturing pens. He started with spare parts to the mecanical pencils, and in 1949 he introduced his own pens called BICs. In 1973 BIC started to produce cheap lighters with a life span of 3000 times before discarded. A war started between Gillette and BIC after BICs aggressive marketing campaign, and in 1978 BIC sold more lighters than Gillette's Cricket. Gillette withdrew Cricket from the market and sold the brand to Swedish Match.

At the same time as the war of the lighters was raging, the two companies started to fight over the single use razors. In 1975 BIC introduced a plastic model in Europe, and Gillette quickly developed their own version in 1976, one year before BICs razors started to sell in the USA. Gillette did not want their costumers to use these razors as they got better profit from the DE-razors and blades, and they was not as aggressive in the marketing as BIC was. BICs main focus of marketing was the TV.

In 1979 BIC and Gillette had apporximately 50% each of the single use razors market, which had become very popular amongst the youth, and the ladies appreciated the Lady Shaver as it was the first razor developed for the ladies special needs. Within 10 years Gillette stopped their marketing campaigns and switched focus to the disposable blades instead, and still BIC is the leading brand of single use razors and are found all over the world.
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  • BIC Chrome Platinum 5-pack - Double Edge
    BIC Chrome Platinum 5-pack - Double Edge

    BIC's classic DE-razor blades ha s a chrome-platinum coating. A much appreciated razor blade that gives a smooth and comfortable shave time after time.

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  • Bic Miss Soleil 4-pack - Single Use Razors
    Bic Miss Soleil 4-pack - Single Use Razors

    Bic Miss Soleil has a fixed head with three razor blades. Double lubricating strips with Vitamin-E makes the shave comfortable without any irritation. The razor is perfect for shaving sensitive areas of the body, e.g the bikini area or the arm pits.

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