About Shaver.eu

Shaver.eu has its store in Kalmar, Sweden, and that is where we pack all our products that we send to you.
The store www.shaver.eu is owned and operated by the company Pihlfelt & Vänner AB. We who started the company has alot of experience of e-trading and we do everyting possible so that our costumers can feel satisfied with their purchase.

In our range of products you'll find alot of different razors from many well known brands that spans from shavettes, to different cartridge razors to the more luxurious safety razors of the more traditional kind and straight edge razors. You'll also find different kinds of shaving creams and shaving soaps in our range. We also offer many different razor blades for the different razors we sell. We also sell the different kind of appurtenances you might need, such as shaving mugs or bowls and shaving brushes, a tool you really need to get the perfect lather for the perfect shave.

Our goal

Our goal is to be the obvious choise when you purchase wet shaving tools on the internet. Besides our wet shaving tools from the largest and best brands in the world, we also try to sell the more niched products that are hard to find on the European market. There is alot of really good products that is almost impossible to find here in Sweden and elsewhere in Europe. Our goal is to fill that gap.


Pihlfelt & Vänner AB / shaver.eu
Rigavägen 2d
393 56 Kalmar, Sweden

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