What to think about when choosing a shaving brush?

Haven't we all thought about what kind of brush that's the best for us? What's up with all these names? Is there any difference between the different kind of badger brushes?

Shavers small shaving brush guide will try to help you on your search for the perfect shaving brush - but the best way is the Trial and Error-way. The kind of brush that suits you best depends on the thickness of your stubbles, but mostly on how you want the brush to feel when you use it. Most brushes gets softer after a few months of usage, and this means that the tips of the bristles splits and you'll get a softer experience whilst using the brush in your face. If you have thin stubbles or prefer a cream over a soap you might want to use a top quality badger brush, or a super soft synthetic. If you have thick stubbles you might look at the Boar bristle brushes - but there is only one man that can tell you what's perfect for you - and thats you.

Mixed Badger
Quality: Depends on the mix.

Mixed Badger is a concept of its own. Either it's a mix of different badger grade hairs, and it can also be a mix of badger and boar bristles, or badger and horsehair.

I most cases the mix of different kinds of animal hairs is explicated, but when it's a mix of different kind of badger hairs it's impossible to say what it is most of.

Works as good with soaps as with creams.

Pure Badger

Usualy made with the hairs from the badgers belly-area and usually gray in colour. This is the stiffest of the badgers hairs, appreciated by many wet shavers for it's peeling effects. Thick bristles makes fewer in the knots, thus it has a lower price. Mainly machine made, always trimmed which cuts away the natural tips of the hairs thus making it feel rough in comparison with other badger brushes.

Works best with soaps.

Black Badger

Often used synonymous with Pure Badger, but are not always synonymous. Black Badger is made by hair from the badgers legs, thus black in colour. The features is similar to the Pure Badgers, and the Black Badger works best with soaps.

Best Badger

Also called Fine Badger and was for some time known as the finest badger hairs. Made with the hairs from the badgers sides and legs, and the colour is depending on the mix of hairs. Most often machine made where they are trimmed to final shape, hence they often feel rough and thus is mixed up with the Pure Badger brushes. The Finest Badger brushes are in the middle, thus they work as good with soaps as with creams.

Super Badger

Used synonymous with Silvertip Badger, but that is a doubtful argot. Made with the hairs from the badgers back, always handmade knots and never trimmed, thus it feels very soft and holds water really good. The colour is light in the top and darker in the bottom. Works best with creams due to the softness.

Silvertip Badger

Erroneous used synonymous with Super Badger. The Silvertip is made exclusively with the hairs from the badgers neck area, the softest hairs on the badger. Always handmade knots, and never trimmed. As it is the thinnest hairs on the badger, you need alot to fill the knot, thus the brush can feel more compact than other knots in the same size. Silver white tips and a dark border in the middle. Works best with creams.

Boar Bristle / Pure Bristle (Boar)

Made with boar bristles and are loved for their peeling effects and outstanding ability to hold water. Just like some badger brushes, some boar brushes are machine made, but these are almost never trimmed. After a few months use these brushes can feel as soft as a Best Badger brush, but in the beginning they can feel really stiff with loads of scritch. From the start they are better with soaps, but after a while they work as good with creams as well as soaps.

Horse Hair

Made exclusively with horsehair. Was gone from the markets for a long time due to a anthrax rumour during World War I, but now they are back and the people using them loves them. Feels equivalent to a Boar Bristle or Best Badger. Perfect for those that wants a natural shaving brush but can't or won't use a boar or badger brush.

Works as good with soaps as with creams.

Synthetic Brush / Fibre Brush

Made out of plastics and are free from everything animal and cruelty, vegan friendly as well. Comes in different qualities and are called the Shaving brush of Tomorrow. Mühle is said to be the leaders of this market as they have developed two bristles that imitates the real animal ones: Silvertip Fibre Brush and Black Fibre Brush. Mühle has made this so well that some critics say that they can not feel any difference, but they can tell on the way the brush holds the water. The synthetic brush can not absorb water as it is made out of plastics, but it holds the water between the hairs. Does not get split ends, but the hairs get softer after a very long time of use, so the entire brush will feel softer. Works as good with soaps as with creams. As with all other brushes the quality comes with a price: The higher the price is, the higher the quality is.