Payment requirements

When you place an order at you agree that you are required to pay for the products you order before we ship them to you.

Payment options:

Different payment options may differ depending on which country you are placing your order from. 


Payment is easy and secure with Payson. Even if you do not have a Payson, you can quickly do the transaction through Payson. Payson cooperate with VISA, MasterCard, and any Swedish banks that offer direct payments.

Payson is high security and is PCI certified by Trustwave, an international organization for secure e-commerce. All traffic is encrypted by SSL 128 bits, and all card transactions based on banks' so-called 3D-Secure technology.

Payson may be available in some other countries besides Sweden.



Paypal is one of the most common way in the world to pay for goods and services online. Even if you do not have a Paypal account already, you can quickly make card payments through Paypal. You do not need to create a PayPal account to complete the purchase.

PayPal is available in every country and is very easy to use.



Stripe is very easy to use and works with all major cards in 25 countries. Fast and secure.

Shipping costs

To make it as easy as possible to calculate the total price, we have chosen to use a unit price, the total shipping per order is 59 SEK or around 6€, regardless of weight or size. We ship to every country that is a member of EU.


We dispatch orders every day (weekdays). Note that this only applies to goods that are in stock. As a rule, almost all of our products are stock items, but if a product contrary to expectation is out of stock, it takes 3-60 days (depending on the product) to deliver the goods because we must first place an order with our supplier. When the product is on backorder with our supplier, you will hear from us, and then you get to choose whether you want to have other items in your order delivered, or if you want to wait for the backordered product to come into stock at our supplier. We do not offer partial delivery when stock status is correct. You have the right to cancel the purchase if you do not agree to a new proposed deadline.

False orders

It is not allowed to order goods in the name or address of other persons without his or her knowledge and approval. False orders will be reported to the police without exception. We log the IP-address for each order and this will be attached to the police.

Cancelation and returns

You have the right to return purchases within 14 days for a full refund. You can do so for any reason – even if you simply changed your mind. 

Note that you must send it back to us within 14 days after you announced that you intend to return some or all of your order. Responsibility for the shipment to reach us is with you, the customer. 

For complaints / warranty claims, we replace the shipment costs if its standard shipping costs, we won’t refund any non-standard (express) costs. Then we will refund the order amount within 14 days. We only accept full refund if the original packaging is returned together with the product and is intact. For defective packaging or obvious damage to the product price reduction will take place, between 30-100% of the value of the product. Your right to return you products does not apply in the following cases:

• opened the package and breaking any seals.

• Cosmetic products (including hair and skin care products and perfumes).

• Self-adhesive products used directly on the skin.

• With the above similar or comparable products.

Guarantee / Warranty

Under EU rules you always have the right to a minimum 2-year guarantee at no cost. If goods you bought at turn out to be faulty or do not look or work as advertised, must repair or replace them free of charge or give you a price reduction or a full refund.

As a general rule, you will only be able to ask for a partial or full refund when it is not possible to repair or replace the goods.

How to get goods repaired, replaced or refunded

The 2-year guarantee period starts as soon as you receive your goods.

  • In some EU countries you must inform the seller within 2 months of discovering a fault, otherwise you may lose your right to the guarantee.
  • Within 6 months of receiving the goods, you need to show the trader that the goods are faulty or not as advertised.
  • After 6 months, in most EU countries, you need to prove that the defect already existed on receipt of the goods - for example, by showing that it is due to the poor quality of the materials used.

Storing of customer data

We never sell or pass your details to third parties. We log only the information necessary to be able to handle purchases, such as address and name. E-mail address is required for us to be able to send order confirmation and order status. Mobile number is only required if you want SMS notification at delivery. Social security numbers is only required in some countries for some payment options, like invoices and is always treated by the payment gateway. We will never store them at 

We log IP-address solely for use in cases where fraud and or other illegal activities are noticed.

Age Limit

To buy at you must be 18 years old. Are you younger than 18 you must have parent or guardian's approval. Orders that are placed in a false name, social security number or address will be reported to the police.


You are assumed to have read these Terms when you place an order. follows the rules and laws of the Swedish Consumer Agency that you can read more about here: