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  • American Crew

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  • Apothecary87

    Apothecary 87 is a company that was founded in 2013 in England, by a man born in 1987 - hence the name. The company produces beard oils, moustache wax, hair pomade and shaving oils.

  • Arko

    Turkish Evyap is one of the worlds largest manufacturers of soaps and hygiene products. They produce and export products as soaps, shampoos, lotions, perfumes, diapers, tooth paste and many more - not the least Arko wet shaving products.
  • Astra

    Astra is produced in S.t Petersburg, Russia, and as many other blades - they are produced in the same factory.
  • Bic

    BIC is today the leading brand of single use razors and their products can be found accross the world. BIC introduced the single use razors in Europe in 1975 and in the USA in 1976. In 1979 they had 50% of the market.
  • Bioetyc Uomo

    Bioetyc Uomo is a brand in the Deborah Group that was founded by the brothers Giovanni Battista Bonetti and Cornelio Bonetti as Bonetti Frères in Paris, France, in 1903. Bioetyc Uomo are products created for men, and the products follows the same concept as the popular brand 'Bioetyc' from the 1990's: Skin care products made out of biotechnology.

  • Böker

    Böker has its roots in the 18th century when they manufactured tools. In 1829 they started producing sabres and swords, which was a good idéa. In 1830 they sold over 2000 swords due to all the wars that raged on the continent. Today, they do not produce as many swords, but insted they do alot of different knives.

    With great knowlede of knife manufacturing, it is not strange that they produce top quality, high-end straight razors. Here at we have razors, straight razors and other products from Böker.

  • Braun

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  • Cella

    Cella was founded in Italy in 1899 and is still made according to the same recipe and process since start. The classic shaving cream with a marzipan and black cherry fragrance is a favourite amongst many wet shavers, and in 2016 Cella released a new line of products with a new modern scent.

  • Col. Conk

    Col. Conk Products Inc. is based in New Mexico, USA, and except their World known glycerine based shaving soaps they sell alot of other products, such as After shaves, straight razors, DE-razors and shaving brushes.

  • Damn Good Soap Company

    Damn Good Soap Company was founded by Jasper van Impelen in 2012, in Utrecht, the Netherlands. The company is still in the same place and all products are made by hand in small quantities. The company produces beard oils, beard balms, shaving oils, shaving soaps, moustache wax, beard combs, beard brushes and hair pomade.

  • Dear Barber

    Dear Barber have a simple concept: Trendy products that represent the modern man and changes the way we look upon 'male grooming' through their unique products. Their products are created after demands and driven by quality - and their motto is a two word one: Faultless quality.

  • Derby

    Azmüsebat Lighter and Razor Blade Company produces lighters and a big variety of wet shaving products, such as razor blades, shaving creams, soaps and single use razors under the brand name Derby.
  • Dermalogica

    Dermalogicas products are free from mineral oils and free from ingredients that could cause allergies, such as lanolin, artificial colouring, perfumes and S.D-alcohol.

  • Dorco

    South Korean DORCO was founded in 1955 and produced their first DE-blades in 1961. Today, the company produces six and seven bladed cartridge razor systems, and they are the worlds leading manufacturers of DE-blades.

  • Dovo

    DOVO was founded in 1906 in the city Wold, close to Solingen, Germany, by Carl Dorp as a straight razor factory. Dorp later employed Carl Arthur Voos, and the name Dorp & Voos was chosen, which later was changed into DOVO.

  • Dr Harris

    D.R Harris got their name from one of the founders, Daniel Rotely Harris, a chemist and pharmacist, and their history begins in 1790 at St. James Street no. 11 in London, England, where they sold perfumes to the wealthy people.

  • Dr. Dittmar

    Dr. Dittmar is german quality for a bargain. Handmade, natural and environmental friendly products with superb quality.

  • Dr. K Soap Company

    Dr K Soap Company was founded on Ireland in 2011 and they produce all natural and hand made products, such as beard soap, shaving soaps, shaving oils, beard oils and after shaves.