Feather New Hi-Stainless Double Edge 200-pack - Razor Blade Expand

Feather New Hi-Stainless Double Edge 200-pack - Razor Blade

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A big pack of Feather New Hi-stainless double edge (DE) razor blades, probably the worlds most appreciated razor blade all around the world. Each blade holds for 10-12 shaves before it is time to change blade. Incredibly sharp.
You'll save 25% by purchasing this big pack of 200 blades instead of the same amount as 10-packs.

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Feather produce scalpel blades that is used for eye surgery and micro operations all over the world, and they apply the same technology and controls on these blades.

Feather New hi-stainless DE-blades has a platinum coating.

This package contains 20-plastick containers that holds 10 razor blades each, and each blade is wrapped in paper.

Fits in all Safety Razors.

It is not easy to choose a perfect blade for your skin and stubbles, and if you think that all the razor blades are the same - you are wrong. Different coatings, material, grinding and angles all differ from one manufacturer to the other. We recommend that you try several different blades to find one that really suits you.

Suited forMale
Compatible withSafety razors
Type of razor bladeDE (Double edge)
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