Sale! Sample Pack - 5x10 Double Edge - DE-Razor Blades Expand

Sample Pack - 5x10 Double Edge - DE-Razor Blades



We have hand picked a sample pack of five different DE-razor blades that fits in all our safety razors.

The blades included are from Feather, Merkur, Derby, Super-Max and The Bluebeards Revenge. They are all in pack of 10 blades, which gives you a total of 50 high quality Double Edge razor blades!

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If any of the blades are out of stock, we change that brand to one atleast as good.

The different blades from different producers all have their own features. All our Double Edge blades fits in all of our safety razors, but the blades may have different angles, and the sharpness differs between the blades too, as well as the coatings and layers, and production material. This means that the blades can differ in performance, but your technique, stubbles and skin type are also predominant factors. One brand may not work on you, but is the best blade for your friend - and vice versa.

To help you find a blade that is perfect for you, we offer you a sample pack containing 50 razor blades from five different brands. 

Blades included in the sample pack

Feather New Hi-Stainless
The Bluebeards Revenge
Merkur Super Platinum Stainless
Super-Max Stainless
Derby Extra Platinum
Compatible withSafety razors
Type of razor bladeDE (Double edge)
Type of razorSafety razors
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