Sale! Sample Pack - 6x5 DE Double Edge - Razor Blades Expand

Sample Pack - 6x5 DE Double Edge - Razor Blades



We have put together a sample pack of six different kinds of DE-razor blades that fits in all of our safety razors,

The included blades are from Astra, Derby, Shark and Wilkinsons Sword. They come in packs of five, and a total of 30 blades!

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The different razor blades from different brands have different features. All our Double Edge razor blades fits all our safety razors, but the angle on the edge may vary, as may the sharpness, coating and material. They perform differently depending on these features and alot depends on your technique and the tickness of your stubble. One brand may work flawless for you, but not at all on the guy next to you on the bus, and vice versa.

To try and help you find that perfect blade we've compiled a sample pack containing razor blades from six different brands, so you can find a perfect blade for your skin and stubble.

Blades that are included in the sample pack:

Astra superior Platinum
Wilkinson Sword
Derby extra super stainless
Shark Super Chrome
Astra Superior Stainless
Shark Super Stainless

Compatible withSafety razors
Type of razor bladeDE (Double edge)
Type of razorSafety razors
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