Mühle R89 Safety Razor Closed Comb - Safety Razor Expand

Mühle R89 Safety Razor Closed Comb - Safety Razor

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Mühle Safety razor R 89 is one of the worlds most popular safety razors - and that is a well earned reputation regarding its traits. It is a classic safety razor with a closed comb that gives you a close and comfortable shave with perfect precision. I short you'll get a more luxurious and fresher feeling when you use this razor.

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The handle is made out of elegant fishnet-style metal that matches the chrome platings on each side of the razor. The chromed material has god resistance against corrosion, so you can count on the fact that this razor will look god for a very long time.

The supreme quality of this razor is ensured by its producer: The german company Mühle - one of the world leading companies in wet shaving products.

The blades are easly replaced by unscrewing the cap.

You can also buy a matching shaving brush and drip stand so you'll have a complete set of wet shaving tools.

The safety razor measures 41 x 94mm and the weight is 64 grams.

Length9.4 cm
Weight64 gram
Type of razor bladeDE (Double edge)
Type of razorSafety razors
CombClosed comb
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