Sale! Bluebeards Revenge Safety Razor, 10-pack razor blades, Shaving Expand

Bluebeards Revenge Safety Razor, 10-pack razor blades, Shaving Brush, Pre shave, Shaving Cream and After shave - Bundle

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This bundle from The Bluebeards Revenge contains a Double Edge safety razor, a Pure Badger shaving brush, a 10-pack of DE-blades, a pre shave oil, a shaving cream and an after shave balm - everything much appreciated by wet shavers all over the world.

You'll save 15% by purchasing this bundle instead of the products separately.

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The DE Safety Razor Scimitar from Teh Bluebeards Revenge is a really neat and high quality razor that gives you a close shave.

The DE-blades from The Bluebeards Revenge will give you many shaves before you need to change the blade.

The shaving brush has real badger hair and feels really soft on the skin.

The Pre shave oil gives you a close shave

The shaving cream contains DECELERINE™ which will reduce beard growth.

The After shave balm calms and soothens the skin, and also contains DECELERINE™

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