Mühle Rytmo Shaving Set Steamed Ash - Shaving set Expand

Mühle Rytmo Shaving Set Steamed Ash - Shaving set

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Rytmo shaving set, Steamed Ash (S 81 H 220 SR) by Mühle is a complete and neat shaving set that gives you all you need for a perfect shave, every day. The set contains a safety razor, a shaving brush and a stand.

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The grip material on both the brush and the razor is ashwood that has been treated in high temperatures to make it waterproof. The razor is compatible with the classic DE-razor blades, and the mild razor can even be used to shave the edges of your beard. The Pure Badger shaving brush feels soft on the skin, but still gives you some scritch, and most importantly, it gives you a wonderful lather.

The beautiful drip stand is made out of chrome plated metal, for a wonderful mirroring effect. The stand keeps your gear in place without taking to much space. The producer, Mühle, is a world leading manufacturer, so rest assure that you will get high quality products.

The shaving brush is medium sized with a 21mm knot.

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